Our Programs



Black girls and femmes’ stories and perspectives are far too often silenced and unheard. Our students record a podcast entitled SevenSays which serves as a sacred space for them to speak their truth and amplify black folks fighting for change. We discuss hot topics ranging from social justice issues, black excellence to education justice and more as well as spotlight positive local events/artists. We also have been to known to sip a little tea from time to time as well.

We are proud to partner with The Saturday Light Brigade of The Children's Museum of Pittsburgh to record and distribute our podcast. Check us out on SoundCloud!



 As the experts of our lived experiences, we use our stories of pushout to facilitate teach-ins for teachers and adults who work with youth to interrogate the framework  of pushout and name best practices for creating shared power spaces. This series will demonstrate what a co-constructed learning space looks and feels like, explain the impact of implicit and explicit bias, and offer practical strategies for authentic relationship-building.


Listening sessions

Students will also create their own social capital by hosting bi-monthly Candle Light listening sessions to create safe spaces for students to learn about pushout and develop strategies to combat internalized oppression.