Seven Pillars


We create sacred space for students to speak their truth and amplify folks fighting for change.

All Black Lives Matter

We believe All Black Lives Matter. Black lives deserve to be dignified in whatever gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic status,  religion, disability status or immigration status in which they exist.

Candle Lighting

We don't place value on spotlights because they are contained within a single individual, rather,we prioritize using our individual candles to collectively light the way for those yet to come.

Co-constructed Spaces

We value shared power which we build through community decision making and leadership building. 

From Margin to Center

We believe the most marginalized folks are the ones around whom we center our work. 

Whole Child 

We hold space for all aspects of a child's life, including trauma and difficult circumstance. We cannot organize together if we don't recognize and respond to each other's needs. 


We are actively unlearning the politics which require people to be worthy of dignity either by merit, class or any other factor other than existence.  

We come to the work because we are the work
— Joanne Smith, Executive Director, Girls for Gender Equity NY