Seven Wild Dreams
Seven Wild Dreams
Black Girls and Femmes Fighting for Education Justice

About Us

Seven Wild Dreams was formed in April of 2017 in response to a need for a co-constructed space for black girls and femmes to organize for just and inclusive educational spaces in schools in Pittsburgh. We are founded and supported by black women with a structure of shared intergenerational leadership. We use grassroots political change to dismantle the harmful beliefs, policies and practices that push black girls and femmes out of school.

The name Seven represents the first cohort of black girls as well as each pillar or culture principle they contributed to the foundation of the organization. The second part of the name, Wild Dreams is included as a homage to the unattributed quote “I am my ancestors’ wildest dreams” and the representation of black history and culture as it exists within the members of Seven.




CiCi, 18

-"Seven has made me a stronger person. When I'm at Seven I feel like people actually listen to my perspective. I have become a better individual on the inside and out and I now believe I can become successful"




Seven seeks to eradicate the pushout of black girls and femmes through community teach-ins, student organizing, mobilizing and elevation of student voice. While we are an emerging organization, we have an established track record of developing student capacity as political education workshop facilitators and podcast hosts. We proudly serve high school aged black girls and femmes from across the city of Pittsburgh, including but not limited to Pittsburgh Public School District, Woodland Hills School District and McKeesport School District.