Seven Wild Dreams
Seven Wild Dreams
Black Girls and Femmes Fighting for Education Justice

Who are we:

Youth Organizers

Seven Wild Dreams is a collective of black girls and femmes fighting for education justice through cultural affirmation and grassroots political change to dismantle the harmful beliefs, policies and practices that push black girls and femmes out of school.



Defined by Dr. Monique W. Morris as “...too many Black girls are being criminalized (and physically and mentally harmed) by beliefs, policies and practices that degrade and marginalize both their learning and their humanity, leading to conditions that that push them out of schools and render them vulnerable to even more harm.”



Peace to Pushout

There are seven pillars that help shape and mold the culture of Seven Wild Dreams. The pillars include Storytelling, Candle Lighting, All Black Lives Matter, Co- constructed spaces, Whole Child, From Margin to Center, and Anti-Respectability. Not only are these pillars in place to guide the organizing work but they are also tools that we practice for dealing with internalized opression.


Our Programs

Seven believes students are best served when adults lead from behind, especially in youth organizing. The role of adult staff is to build student leadership capacity by creating co-constructed spaces where power is shared and students develop experiential leadership opportunities with support from adults as needed. As a result, every aspect of programing from creating community agreements and designing political education workshops to selecting subject matter experts and planning meetups is driven by student voice.